Artist Statement

My work plays with a deformed and perverted notion of interior decoration. I create excessive and saturated mise-en-scenes as a way to transform the gallery space. These thematically driven decors are pastiche and surreal environments that reference the home, theatrical settings or store displays.
Everything is handmade- from the wallpaper, drawings, ceramics, sculpture, and the framed artwork. I purposefully blur the distinction between the mise-en-scène and the works of art. The whole installation becomes the context and the art; however, each singular object is created as an autonomous piece. To help create a unity between the elements, I often use formal elements such as a dominant color or a repetition of a same motif much like one might do to unify the decor of a room.
Through this work I can question and or parody notions such as ornamentation, beauty, taste, gender and hierarchy. Moreover I explore the complexity between what is considered the home and the art world as well as the relationship between the private and the public spheres.